publications & media

Honolulu Magazine:

A Good Egg: Why one Honolulu woman has donated her eggs, six times.

Creative Coffee Shop R&D Opens in Kakaako

Hawaii Women’s Journal:

Letter from the Editor [Issue 5]

How to Have Your Cake, and Vegan Too: Yet Another Sidebar From Our Editor-In-Chef’
[Food Sidebar, Issue 5]

Vice-Versa: Creative Works and Comments
[Editors on Editors Interview, Issue 5]

How to Sell Your Body Parts… and Still Respect Yourself in the Morning
[Creative Nonfiction, Issue 3]

Letter from the Editor [Issue 1]

Frontier Psychiatrist: Music, Bikes, Drinks, Words, Love
[Editors on Editors Interview, Issue 4]

Kale Smoothie Sidebar
[Food Sidebar, Issue 3]

Gratuitous Love from the Editor
[Features Sidebar on Youth Speaks Hawaii, Issue 3]

The Smart Set:

Paternal Instinct” [Creative Nonfiction]

Chromatic Magazine:

Sri Lanka: Third World Makeover

Peace Corps Worldwide:

Just a Little Off the Top” [Blog]

innov8 Magazine:

“I Climb Rocks” page 1

“I Climb Rocks” page 2

Previous Blog:

Choose Our Own Adventure

Blog Sample: “Fucking Bon Bons

I am a vegan baker and natural foods cook at Kale’s Deli:

Our first cover!  From left to right: Christina Hee, Carolyn Gali, and Jennifer Hee (me!)

Media and Blog Coverage of Kale’s Deli:

Honolulu Weekly
Food that sings–and is ready to go” by Jaimie Gusman

Honolulu Weekly
Food and Drink 2011” by Martha Cheng

Domestic Divas
Meatless Mondays: Xmas in Your Mouth Vegan Gingersnaps by Chef Jenn of Kale’s Deli!”  by Jennifer Brody

Honolulu Magazine
Delicious Detox” by Martha Cheng

Green Magazine
Real Food is a Real Pleasure” by Martha Cheng and Amanda Corby

Oahu Food Places” by Bakery Manis

Kale’s Natural Foods and Deli on Yelp

Upcoming Publications:

Peace Corps at 50


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