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Okay kids.  Ask for my kale smoothie recipe and you shall receive!  Last year, I published a sidebar called “Kale is the New Bacon,” where I explained Green Smoothie basics.  While there is an actual kale smoothie recipe with “measurements” in that piece, truth be told I never measure ingredients when I make smoothies.  Or […]

Become a Facebook Fan. Follow us on Twitter. Kale’s Natural Foods Website. Come visit us after February 15th!  We’ll be cooking Made-to-Order breakfast & lunch from 9am until 2pm (for now–hours will be longer soon), as well as making smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, and wheatgrass.  In the deli Grab-and-Go case, there will be healthiness galore.  […]

Mis Huevos Epilogue I can’t leave the IVF doctor looking like a condescending ass. I mean, I could, but I won’t. Because every appointment we became more and more human to each other. He was quickly concerned about me, my hormone levels, my Alice in Wonderland follicles growing too fast, too soon. He told me […]