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Mis Huevos Epilogue I can’t leave the IVF doctor looking like a condescending ass. I mean, I could, but I won’t. Because every appointment we became more and more human to each other. He was quickly concerned about me, my hormone levels, my Alice in Wonderland follicles growing too fast, too soon. He told me […]

India I bought Ryan and myself tickets to India one afternoon after giving myself an ultimatum, noose in one hand and Expedia dot com on the other.  Change, or get out of here.  I decided to change.  India seemed like one of those transformational places you go when you really, really hate everything and need […]

Ryan’s “Pushin’ 40” BBQ at the Hee House, a Haiku. Ryan’s Birthday freestyle. Uncle Danny rocks the bass. Drunkdrunkdrunkdrunkdrunk.