Chromatic Magazine, Issue 02


My first article from our Sri Lanka trip comes out this month in Issue 02 of Chromatic Magazine, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble in Hawaii.

Yes, the kids are cute, but so is my syntax!

Speaking of syntax, here’s the interaction of the month, from the Mokuleia climbing site:

Hot Climber Chick: Hey, are you that girl who wrote the climbing article in innov8?

Me: Yes.

Hot Climber Chick: I thought so!  When I read it, I was like–who’s that girl writing about climbing?  I’ve never seen her on the rock.

Me: Um.  I’m kind of out of shape.

I can’t get away with anything on this island.  I thought I was being outstandingly original about writing a travel piece on Sri Lanka for Chromatic, but no–another local fashion lifestyle magazine has a Sri Lanka travel feature in its January 2010 launch issue.  The writer for the other magazine even photographed one of the SAME little girls as Ryan did.  What what WHAAAAT are the chances?


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